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Honolulu, HI

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Hi! I'm Michy Moody, I'm a night owl on a day schedule. I can tell you a bit about myself, but that would take to long so I will simply say something about my art. I'm known by other names but this name is gonna be for this stuff.

Although with the power of the digital medium you can easily render the illusion of 3d reality, I choose to embrace the beauty of the unfinished. Don't get me wrong, I love the digital age and digital media. I'm just not interested in making things look "polished" or "real." What is "real" anyway? I'm interested in using the digital media to further what I like make happen. I you like what I do, coolio if not please don't make mean comments constructive critiques are always blessed and welcome however! Mahalo for your time! :)

~ MM

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