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I am a Director. I am a filmmaker. I am an artist!


My name is Mickey Micklos and I'm an independent film director here in New York City. My passion is for storytelling and my forte is directing. My end goal is to direct features but for now I focus all of my attention on all forms of filmmaking. I am currently seeking to be picked up by a TV Commercial production company in NYC as a director

I have directed numerous commercials, shorts and new media. I have worked for The Discovery Channel, Apple, Voila Cinematic and various Tv commercial production companies. My cinematic eye for storytelling and my extensive background in theater, video, photography, writing and music shape my distinct style. Recently I began shooting a web-series entitled "Underground Sound" which showcases musicians that play in the NYC subways. (For these musicians the NYC Subway is their concert hall.)

Filmmaking is about a feeling, its about never forgetting that movies take us on a Journey inside of our deepest heart pits!
-Mickey Micklos

Facebook: facebook.com/Mickey2M
Twitter: twitter.com/mickeymickfilms

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