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Prince George, BC

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Mick Harper is a timelapse photographer, digital storyteller and brand filmmaker based in British Columbia, Canada.

As a boy Mick developed a passion for stories and photography and it is this child-like wonder that inspires him to this day. From hiking mountains purely to soak up the view, or lying in the grass staring in awe at the stars. These are the experiences that fuel his passion for timelapse photography and filmmaking.

As the Creative Director and partner of Live Work Communications, Mick brings a mastery for storytelling, branding and marketing. He writes, produces, directs, shoots, designs and edits.

As a former television writer/producer/director, post-secondary broadcast instructor, and keynote speaker, Mick understands how to engage and tell stories using video for broadcast and the web.

Former clients include Air Canada, Home Depot, Rona, ICBC, Government of BC, large industrial companies, advertising agencies and major market broadcasters.

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