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Film Director | Creative Director

After graduating in philosophy chooses to engage in storytelling. She studied filmmaking with italian director Marco Bellocchio. Collaborated in film and television productions among which: Euteka Paris (France), Babel Sky TV (Italy), Vivo Film (Italy). Her documentary films have participated in national and international festivals including: Bansko Film Festival (Bulgaria), Milano Film Festival (Italy), Dialectus Budapest Festival (Hungary), Turin Cinema Enviroment (Italy), Seul Green Film Festival  (South Corea), San Diego Italian Film Festival (USA).

In 2008 she founded with Valentina Miorandi CAM with whom has curated several multimedia exhibitions held within institutional museums (Foundation Historical Museum of Trentino, MAG Museum, Kultural Bersntol Institut).

Currently Micol Cossali is Creative Director for History Lab Channel TV.

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