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Starting in October 2012, I began a microwave show on my YouTube music channel, AltoonaYourPiano as a funny side project to draw more people to my music, which was getting little attention at the time with the exception of the Candle Cove song, I'd actually been doing microwave experiments since 1992, but only in summer 2012 did I discover thanks to "dOvetastic Microwave Theatre" and "Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?" that there was actually an audience for these weird experiments. So I started off small, grabbing whatever I could find around the house, meaning it was a mixed bag of the incredibly mundane, the kind of cool, and the surprisingly awesome. Eventually I began to buy things for the show, including fireworks, a bottle of champagne, a blender, an easy button, and many other things I found to microwave. Initially, it was meant to draw more traffic to my music channel in hopes that they'd also check out my music, but the popularity soon eclipsed that of my music, so I gave it its own channel within a month of founding it and reuploaded episodes 1-11 on that channel before uploading new ones. With a passion for microwaving random things (and other spinoff shows of destruction) and being currently in a "dry spell" of creativity for music, I focused entirely on my microwave show, buying better cameras, getting better lighting, investing more and more time into editing each episode, what used to be a 5 minute task became at least an hour's work per episode in a labour of love for my fans.

My show was doing great and picking up steam until Google finally broke YouTube on November 5, after which, I soon ended the "official" run of my show, which would turn out to be temporary. Initially, I wanted to exclusively move to Vimeo, but found that would be possible, quickly learning that actually both sites have their drawbacks. I also found that few of my original fans wanted to make the migration to Vimeo, with only the Oreo video getting more views here than on YouTube. I still continue to use both sites and upload to them.

Seasons 1-7 (episodes 1-260) were done on YouTube, seasons 8 and beyond (episode 261+) will be uploaded here and YouTube. Initially, I uploaded episodes of season 8 exclusively here before realizing that posting them on YouTube as well would benefit me. Eventually I decided that due to some of Vimeo's limitations, I'll use it more to mirror special videos and also if anything ever gets false flagged on YouTube, I will post a mirror of it here.

If you wish to request an item, make sure it's not one I already did on here or on YouTube, although there are some episodes that I have been considering giving HD remakes. To keep with consistency, both channels have the same name, MicrowaveMeShow.

I'm hoping that Vimeo someday gains the popularity it deserves, it's like YouTube, only older and better, it's stayed far more true to its roots than YouTube has.

Disclaimer: These experiments are done in a safe and controlled environment by a professional. Please DO NOT ATTEMPT these experiments yourself. The ones I deem "safe" are termed "safe" in a "kitchen science" sense and even then should only be attempted by adults 15 and older unless otherwise specified. For example, marshmallows and Ivory soap are perfectly fine to be attempted by children, while other "safe" items, such as the ornaments, are only recommended for adults. If you have children that watch my series, please remind them that I'm a professional and that microwaves are not toys.

PS: I will not microwave a live animal. That includes live insects.

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