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Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

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My name is Miguelito Acosta. I'm Actor, Producer, Director, Writer, Web Designer and Graphic Designer. I was born on May 14, 1964 in Corumba in the Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil. At six years old I came to live in the city of Rio de Janeiro where I live today.

In childhood I liked to draw, paint and interpret. And at school the subject I excelled myself was art education, because I exercised my talent to create and express my feelings through art. In adolescence I attended theater groups and produce parts. When adult, I studied, and I became a professional. I've done some work in theater, TV and film. Today thanks to God, I'm an established artist in the art world, and have participated in national and foreign films and commercials that have yielded me international recognition.

I am Christian, and I have great faith in God and in Jesus Christ, and I have the Holy Bible as my guide of life. I am a constant fighter against social inequality, because I believe in the possibility of have a better world of peace and love, without injustice and discrimination, I argue that for this to happen, just that all the people who say "be" human and intelligent, if aware that we are all equal and liabilities of the same feelings of thirst, hunger, cold, pain and needs; And here we are just passing through this world, but while we are here, we are entitled to the best that life has to offer and be happy, and live in peace and harmony with all people and nature.

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