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MIGUEL MAS was born in Argentina and grew up in a large Spanish family. He has been compared as director to David Lynch film style, “with a romantic existentialist new latin flavor”, and it is the result of such magnetism that Lynch’s work has projected on him. In 1993 he started the theatre group Lunetika along with other actors. It was a small theater troop that revolutionized Puerto Rico where he lived for 4 years. Miguel acted in the theatre troop and helped direct. In 1994, he left for Spain, where he was introduced to Stanislavski's method acting, and later he began to write. In 1998 he arrived in New York, performing in the Spanish Repertoire Theater. Later this year he landed in Los Angeles, California, where he enrolled himself at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute to deepen and strengthen his method training.

He has worked as an actor with Steven Spielberg, Takeshi Kitano, Tom Cruise, Alfonso Arau, and Laura Harring, among others. In 2001 he created the company Mas & More Entertainment. He co-produced along with The Group at Strasberg and David Lee Strasberg, the play “The King of the Lighthouse”. At the end of 2005 he make life a controversial and successful character as “Jesus Christ The Musical”, which is all over the world in Internet. His credits as writer/director/producer are: feature film Love Equation and short films: 2+2=5=1; Absorbido; Without Finishing My Coat and Ayer. He produced and acts in the short film 3 PM. Love Equation; which won BEST DRAMA at the Broadway International Film Festival in Los Angeles 2010 and Award of Merit at Indie Fest; the film is now looking for distribution.

Scripts that he wrote and are now in development: TV Show: H&H…LAserie!; feature films Blue Velvet Cranium; The Final Book; Cásate Conmigo; Trickle; I Am Here to Seal Myself. Right now he’s looking for producers and investors.
MIGUEL MAS in IMDB.com: imdb.com/name/nm1042162/

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