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Led by a designer, and since Design is the core business of this office, the regular establishment of partnerships with a wide range of artistic, commercial and business sectors helps ensure each solution presented meets modern day requirements: creative capacity and development, efficiency and speed in delivering solutions, meeting deadlines and budgets.

Based on the guidelines that define the career and life philosophy of its founder, the mission of this office is underpinned by three basic principles:

Research focused on the conceptual and formal issues related to I – Wear & Smart Products, Micro architecture and Macro design, being a pioneering reference, national and private, in the incorporation of new technologies into textile and clothing design: materials, wellbeing and information;

the constant search to exercise design as a global discipline, embracing, after 2009, the development of projects in the field of industrial design and thus expanding its research and project development in the field of the body and how it interacts with objects;

A strong connection with the arts world, which is clear from the imagery and references Miguel Rios uses and from the various collaborations in projects developed by the MR-D office, ranging from collateral product development to cooperation during the exhibition stage, when MR-D projects are presented to the public.

By resorting to the tools of design, MR-D develops solutions for different types of products together with its clients, partners and suppliers: objects, services, consultancy, events and exhibitions, planning work and manuals, which bring the various actors closer together in the markets in which they move.

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