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  1. 3D tutorials

    by Hugo Espinosa joined

    66 Videos / 6 Members

  2. Acting Reference

    by Andrew Root joined

    21 Videos / 783 Members

    Acting Reference

  3. Arnold Renderer

    by Lighthouse Visual Effects joined

    150 Videos / 250 Members

    This group contains visuals that rendered with Arnold Renderer.

  4. Spanish Animation

    by Daniel P. Alava joined

    687 Videos / 277 Members

    All kind of animation (traditional, claymation, stopmotion, CGI...) created by spanish artists. This is a meeting point for people who want to show their work and to establish professional relations.…

  5. Photorealistic CG Animations & VFX

    by Zblur joined

    4,184 Videos / 2,845 Members

    Share your maximum photorealistic CG stuff here, or just join & watch! You can post finished works, making-ofs, showreels, tests etc. Do not add videos that have no common with photorealism!…

  6. Maya

    by Göran Forsling joined

    4,980 Videos / 2,688 Members

    For all Maya users out there. Post your tips, news or just show off your work!

  7. Zbrush

    by Alex Neto joined

    695 Videos / 679 Members

    Zbrush Artists and Tutorials

  8. Best CG

    by rob redman joined

    17 Videos / 23 Members

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