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I have a Confession, I have a problem and it could determine my survival..
I’m a Serial Entrepreneur - I have had some major wins AND some major losses..
The Purpose is to educate you and equip, saving you from the mistakes and handing over the blueprint for the wins..
I am going to share 3 biggest lessons I’ve experienced from “Starting Up” that will save your ASS..
1-First, don't be afraid of mistakes.
2-Second, Learn from the mistakes.
I have made more than most.
I am good at thinking out of the box while sometime not IN the box.
I am more of a Pioneer than a manager.
3-Third, Your Ego is not your amigo.
Do what's right for the business.
I like to help people - BUT in the past I have spent a lot of money and helped no one.
Get beyond the emotion and make logical decisions.
My biggest lesson.. It is a real estate technology that is awesome, and still helps TONS of people today.
I learned the lesson that I am no superman..
I learned that I could start something too big..
Take note.. We sometimes bite off more than we can chew!
Understand MOST startups fail.. The just don’t have enough horsepower or experience to pierce their market and most go into business blind. Examples of killer blows.
More competition than expected.
The sexier the idea, the more people are trying it.
AND Sometimes it just takes luck, especially with BIG projects.
Most are in the wrong business to begin with..
How do you know who is confident and who is naive?
If the average person knew how hard it is - they would never start.
They have no business model or even know what one is..
Looking back I sometimes can’t imagine doing it all over again.. You have to be a “Rocky”
You’ve said it.. How the heck did that young kid pull that off?
The ANSWER: They don't care, there is No Fear, taking action is not a problem..
Mentors are crucial.. If you fail to get them, that’s plural, you will fail .. I promise.
KISS keep it simple stupid, they are the training wheels on your bike of life.. Your coach that understands the big picture when you do not. Realize this, it is impossible to drive the race car and watch the track from the pit. Your destiny is in the hands of those watching your track of life for you.. Pick wisely.
For me everything started with my father, he is the biggest reason I am a success..
He made it Ultra clear of what not to do, and quite evident that it truly is just luck sometimes.
I had a tough time the first part of life.
I had a lot to learn..
A big part of my success is by giving to people who knew more than me anything I had - which was usually my time. I didn’t know it then but that was the very thing they wanted. I’ll explain more later.. The purpose for this entire video is to give you something that I’m very excited to introduce.
I use it in my own businesses.
I believe in it 100%.
I've stopped micro-managing.
I've stopped over-analyzing.
I've stopped second-guessing.
I've stopped waiting on developers.
I've started spending a lot more time on the beach.
I've started spending a lot more time with my daughter.
I’ve stopped selling software.
I've started setting the example.
I have a blueprint that works for any business and I am taking applications.

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