Hyndburn, Lancashire

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My first passion is my Christian faith, after that I have a passion for History, video and photography. I wouldn't say I've ever excelled in either one but I sure hope my efforts have brought some enjoyment in to people's lives, however brief. Though I am retired now I still lead an active life. One of the beauties of living alone, as I do with my Jack Russell rescue dog, is I can pretty well please myself with my time. Apart from when my dog bugs me in the morning to get up and take her out for her morning walk. I've always been a fairly slow learner but once I grasp something I generally want to pass it on to the world in the kind of easy manner that I think other not so clever peeps like me can understand. It's all about sharing knowledge to help make the world a happier place. I hope you enjoy whatever contributions I upload and please feel free to use them, as long as I get a mention in the credits.


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