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I'm Mike Leigh Cooper and I believe in passion for people and stories.

I think PASSION makes things happen, PEOPLE shape our world and STORIES tie us all together.

People from every culture, in every place everywhere have a story to tell. In such a social world, stories need to be shared.
  Stories have always shaped the way we understand the world to be, how it is and how we want it be.

I have a background in theatre, video and audio production with some youth and support work. I have strong skills and interest in the creative use of technology and I love what I do. I occupy the space between media producer, technician, journalist and facilitator.

This means that I  bridge really cool technical stuff with really fun people things - whether it's workshops, festivals or one-to-one: it's the passion that counts.

To really make a difference, the territory has to be international, issues need to be universal but personal and ideas should be open and flexible.

Let's work together to inspire the world and have the courage to stand by our convictions.

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