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Not all production companies are alike...the difference at Mike Martin Media is our mantra, we PROMOTE, INFORM, and INSPIRE.
Each video we create and produce is an authentic and compelling narrative. With every project, our goal is to create a professional, fun and collaborative environment where we can PROMOTE your unique story, INFORM your audience and INSPIRE your viewers.
We’ve had the privilege of producing all kinds of PROMOTIONAL, INFORMATIONAL AND INSPIRATIONAL content for purposeful businesses, not-for-profits, media outlets, large corporations and small start up’s. We love to work with passionate people since that’s how we feel about video production.
At Mike Martin Media, we can scale our operations to the needs of the project. We can produce a video with a crew of one or manage crews of a dozen or more drawing on talented and reputable professionals who can deliver your PROMOTIONAL, INFORMATIONAL and INSPIRATIONAL message.
Mike Martin Media’s team can take a video all the way from conception to completion or help with specific aspects of any project. Clients can also count on Mike Martin Media for strategic creative services; like press release writing, event planning and marketing initiatives.
Make your next video memorable with Mike Martin Media...Take a look at some of our samples and see how our slick editing and customized visual effects can PROMOTE your message, INFORM your employee or client base and INSPIRE all viewers to take action.

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