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Mike Moore started his real estate career in 2006, and received his brokers license in 2010. After spending 10 years in the retail home improvement business, Mike felt the opportunity to invest in real estate and working with buyers and sellers would be more challenging and rewarding.

Mike quickly established himself as a real estate leader by out selling his entire office his first year in the business, while the real estate market began to decline in 2006 and 2007. By late 2007, he had formed the Mike Moore Team, and continued to increase his sales volume. The Mike Moore Team has been the recipient of multiple awards throughout the years.

Growing his sales volume was only one part of Mike’s plan, but more importantly was his goal to improve his client’s overall image of real estate professionals by providing quality service before, during and after the real estate transaction.

To keep up with the demands of the industry and to provide the highest quality of service, Mike opted to leverage his time by hiring talented people to oversee specific segments of the real estate transaction.

The unique process of using a real estate team can be compared to a sports team. Each member has special skills that are utilized in their specific function. This allows us to systemize the real
estate transaction to provide a very organized and smooth process which is the foundation of our high level of customer service.

The motivation behind Mike Moore and the team is to provide the best service and build a relationship for life with our clients.