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Mike Olenick (b. 1978) makes perverse films focused on photography, forbidden desire, reproduction, transformation, memories and outer space. His films have screened around the world, streamed on MUBI, played on Dutch television, and have won awards at the Slamdance Film Festival (Best Experimental Short), Chicago Underground Film Festival (Best Looking Film), Ann Arbor Film Festival, Hollywood Underground Film Festival, Cinematexas, Haverhill Experimental Film Festival, and Big Muddy Film Festival (Best Experimental Feature). He is also the recipient of awards and fellowships from the Ohio Arts Council and from the Greater Columbus Arts Council.

Mike has worked as an editor on films directed by Guy Maddin (assistant editor on The Forbidden Room and Keyhole), Michael Robinson, Kelly Reichardt, the Quay Brothers, Lucy Raven, and Sadie Benning. Since 2003 he has edited numerous works for Jennifer Reeder, including A Million Miles Away, Blood Below the Skin, Crystal Lake, and Marietta Brimble.

Mike received his MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art with an emphasis in Photography and a BFA in Media Studies from the Columbus College of Art & Design. Mike also collects vintage clothing and is known for wearing eclectic outfits.
He was a fashion “do” in Vice Magazine and his love of cats has been documented on Buzzfeed.

Mike is currently developing Persistence of Vision, a dark thriller about the unintended consequences resulting from a series of experiments with optics and perception.

You can follow his films, fashion, and fun times online:

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