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A recent college graduate who is located in Southern California, and I am interested in character rigging in both the Video Game and VFX industry.

A problem solver and a quick learner. Has experience rigging in both May and 3DS Max, and scripting. Enjoys working with others or alone to overcoming adversities.

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Mike Chinn grew up in southern California, and first graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in Philosophy and a Minor in English. His original plan was to go into law enforcement or continue in law but at time of graduation he had figured out that he enjoyed theory far better than the actual application of law. He then spent the next couple of years trying to decide what to go back to school in, and eventually ended up as a game tester. With the plan to get two years experience out of the way ahead of time, once he had learned some programming, Mike would be able to start an early program career via software testing. Due to the of available classes at his local JC, he switched over to Mt, Sierra College and cemented in his career in the Game Industry and Visual Effects.

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