Mike V. Derderian

Amman, Jordan

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I am a Homo sapien, a writer , a comic artist and a fierce windmill slayer trying to get a hold of a banana in a world governed by apes.

I Studied English Literature at Damascus University in Syria, where I fell in love with the English Language, and found my other half, Nesrin, who gave me an amazing little girl called Amie.

"I have an imagination because of my mother, Maral, who bothered to buy me books, and my father, Vartkes, who paid for them!"

I am the creator of a comic strip, The Dark Side of the Spoon, that chronicles the lives of two genetically altered animals in Amman, Mako, an amphibian teenage shark, and Me-ouch, a very disturbed cat. Will re-launch it as a webcomic soon.

When I am not drawing, i am writing, and when i am not writing, i am drawing; this is my vicious circle.

I also worked as a gumshoe for The Star Weekly for six years covering the news of my bittersweet Mistress Amman before turning my back on journalism to work with Mako and Me-ouch.

At the moment I am a creative content executive at Ikbis.com, and a morning show presenter known as The Mikeman at Radio Jordan's 96.3 FM.

My Cyber Home: brickinthehead.wordpress.com

Twitter: twitter.com/mikevderderian

My Illustration & Design Work:

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