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  1. Philip White

    Philip White Nashville, Tennessee


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    www.philipwhitesings.com Philip White of Nashville, TN first appeared on the scene in 2013 with radio smash Laid It Down written & produced by Juan Winans. He returns with a new track also written by Winans titled From the Bottom of My Heart. Philip was recently in concert with The Walls Group and…

  2. Eileen McCoy
  3. Mike Bennett~INFINITE

    Mike Bennett~INFINITE The DMV


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    Visual Producer/Singer-Songwriter/Musician/The Unknown Stuntman for Bagger Vance/Extreme Hanglider From The D.M.V.!!

  4. Latisha Rowe-Rendleman
  5. Darlene Tanksley
  6. TyRoProductionZ



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    TyRoProductionZ ® is a production team based out of Middle Germany. They have worked with many major label artists as well as countless independent acts. "Our main objective is to help shape the sound of the future. We have so many different styles and varieties of music we feel once in the…

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