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Miles O'Brien is an Emmy-award-winning 26-year broadcast news veteran who has successfully melded a talent for telling complex stories in accessible terms with a lifelong passion for aviation, space, technology and the environment.

O’Brien worked for nearly seventeen years as a correspondent, anchor and producer for CNN based in Atlanta and New York. He has focused on the leading edge of research and development - writing and reported the network’s first hour-long documentary on climate change garnering numerous awards.

O’Brien weathered Hurricane Katrina – reporting live as the storm tore through Louisiana. He produced several reports focusing on flaws in the levee design and management that exacerbated the disaster. The CNN team that he led in New Orleans won several awards – including both the Peabody and DuPont.

Known for his unparalleled coverage of space exploration, O'Brien led CNN's reporting over the past 17 years including of the loss of the space shuttle Columbia in February of 2003 – reporting live for 16 straight hours. The accident scuttled a deal he had just brokered with NASA to make him the first journalist to fly on the space shuttle.

O’Brien is an experienced instrument-rated pilot and airplane owner – and has leveraged that insight and knowledge into unrivaled television coverage of aviation.

Prior to joining CNN in 1992, he worked at local TV stations in Washington, DC, St. Joseph, MO, Albany, NY, Tampa and Boston.

He was born and raised in Detroit, majored in history at Georgetown and currently lives in Manhattan with his wife and teenage son and daughter.

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