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Milkers Studio è una casa di produzione di video, fotografia e grafica che si rivolge alle band musicali.
Il desiderio di unire tante attitudini è nato da 4 ragazze che hanno creato un progetto tutto al femminile, un nuovo modo di vivere la musica per la nostra generazione.
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Milkers is a magic born in June 2008, a group of friends who created a studio for the achievement of art, particularly through videos. Each Milker has a specific role and carries out his own work knowing that is part of a group which would not reach its goals easily without him. The environment is very energetic, pragmatic and always future oriented. Milkers produce creative milk, primarily substance for every creature, fantastic liquid, essential nourishing for the life of every living being. The project resumed in 2012 with a all-female crew. The desire of milk is the same and the ideas and energy are endless.

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