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Address: Via della rocca 27, 10124 – Torino, Italy
Email address:
Mobile: +39 328 7361698


ART INSTITUTE, Potenza, Italy,
FINE ARTS, Fine Arts Academy, Naples, Italy,
ANIMATION, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Turin, Italy,


After graduating at the Fine Arts Academy in Naples, I attended the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Turin, where I specialized in mixing traditional and experimental animation techniques to live action.

My work experiences include videoclips, shorts, TV commercials.

My video has been selected in Film Festival all around the word (Annecy Animation Film Festivam , Anima mundi festival brasil , Hiroshima animation.....) and shared in the most popular web blog (,,,, Vimeo staff picks and hundred more). Actually they have more then 6 milion of visualizations.
The Cinemateque Quebecoise screened “Videogioco” among the 50 short movie who changed the history of animation.
In 2009 the french magazine "Cahiers du cinéma" wrote about my short film "Videogioco" , in 2013 canal+ "Oeil de link" realised a reportage about my work and in 2014 "Grotesque Photobooth" selected by Saatchi & Saatchi for new directors Showcase at the Cannes international festival of Creativity .
Currently my videos are distributed by the french company "Autor de minut".
I use to work as freelance with the most creative advertising agencies and music labels in Italy ( Afterhours , Subsonica , Maratona di Roma , samsung , Agis , Banca della memoria )


portrait (2014)
grottesquephotobooth (2013)
topo glassato al cioccolato (2012)
videogioco (2009)
lovecube (2003)


 Uovokids (short film, 2013)
official competition "Film de commande" Annecy 2013
C & M Special Award – for “best animated commercial or music video”, Animanima 2013
 Topo Glassato al cioccolato (short film, 2012)
winner of the "best animation" award in Adana Golden Boll film festival Turkey
special prize in "Circuito off ", Venice 2013
HFF (Holland Animation Film Festival) 2012
best animation festival court in Bra italy 2012
short film official competition Annecy 2012
 Videogioco (Loop Experiment) (Short film, 2009)
special jury prize in Adana Golden Boll film festival Turkey
HIROSHIMA 2010, Renzo Kinoshita Prize, (典his great film extends the vocabulary of animation which can be created not only on cell or paper with peg bars.)
Expresion en Corto 2010 , Most innovative animation
Clermont-Ferrand 2010 , Mention du jury
Anima Mundi 2010, Brasil , Best Animation
SICAF2010, Seul , Jury Special Prize
Wiz Art 2010, Ukraine, Best experimental short
Animage , Best Animation Technique Award
Interfilm Berlin , Best animation short movie
Castellianimati, Italia , Best non-narrative short movie


Portrait (short film, 2014)
official short competiton Annecy 2014

Manigirevoli (film d'ecole 2003)
official film d'ecole competition Annecy 2003

Donnalbero (advertising 2003)
official advertising film competiton Annecy 2003

Love cube ( short film ,2003 )
official short competition Annecy 2003

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