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Karen is a world-renowned dancer and mime artist, an award-winning choreographer, and the innovator of “mimedance” (the fusion of two classical art forms). Karen studied ballet at the Cantarella School of Dance, the Ram Island Dance Center and on scholarship with the Joffrey Ballet School. Karen danced professionally with the Ohio Ballet and the Darmstadt Opera Ballet in Germany.

For more than a decade, Karen toured and taught internationally with mime master, Tony Montanaro. She currently tours the world with her one-woman show entitled “Tanzspiel.” Karen is a teaching artist and offers residencies in movement, mime and dance in public and private schools throughout the United States. Karen was recently awarded the 2008 Individual Artist Fellowship grant from the Maine Arts Commission.

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  1. Great work Karen. I loved it! Thank you for putting it out there to make this world more magical & our journeys more adventurous, because of it. What a great school sysytem too, that recognizes the power of movement to educate & inspire