Mimi Zikki

Melbourne, Australia

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'Mia's work is exuberant and eclectic.
The vital current running through all of her creations is an irrepressible enthusiasm for experimentation and willingness to take risks. She revels in exploring the unconventional, the unorthodox and the subversive and with her meticulous attention to detail and themed narratives, produces creations which transcend mere visual novelty and cross over into multidisciplinary art forms.'

Utilizing film as an avenue for expressing my varied ideas has become a recent passion of mine as I try to combine my technical theatre, fashion design and visual art backgrounds together into one feast for the senses.
I have many more ideas in the pipe line so watch this space, and please enjoy my films they are intended to be humorous, beautiful and strange all at once ;)

Mimi Zikki

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