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Mina Aidoo is a freelance choreographer based in London.

She has been fascinated with dance on screen since she was young and grew up choreographing her friends in the playground. Since then she has had the privilege of working with some wonderful directors including Jake Nava (Beyonce 'Single ladies')

Mina trained extensively in many different dance styles starting out in Hip Hop groups in London, then taking in jazz, contemporary and ballet and completing her formal training at London Contemporary dance school, where she refined her choreographic tools and deepened her knowledge of the complex body and how to use it expressively through dance.

Mina works across sectors including music promo, film, theatre, artist development, dance for screen, live events, staging and movement direction. With the ability to work with a myriad of dance styles, Mina deeply researches projects and weaves together a rich tapestry of movement influences to inform her work. She is interested in creating complex, deep rooted, surprising and playful movement.

Directors worked with include Jake Nava, Shane Davey, Ellis Bahl, Rohan Blair Mangat, Lilah Vandenburgh, Shelly Love, Pete Williams, Ashley Defoe, Emily Scaife and Alessandra Scherillo

Recent work includes a collaboration with Wretch 32, Adidas and Tate Gallery


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