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Minch&Films is an independent production company specialised in true story based story telling.

The founder and owner Min-Chul Kim was born into a family that runs a record shop, a video rental store, and a photo shop altogether in a-bit-of-everything store in a small village of Korea. Thanks to the rich cultural environment of family business, the country boy spent his teenage with American pops and Hong Kong noir films while watching his father developing black and white negatives in his kitchen turned dark room. Min-Chul spent a couple of years at a journalism school in Seoul until he realized that the school doesn't teach what he wants to learn and went to serve the army. After spending over two years in the army as a photographer, he sold his Nikon and bought a pair of roller blades and traveled the world as a backpacker until he found a place that he wanted to spend the rest of his 20s in. He worked as a production manager for film and TV productions in order to survive his life and love in Amsterdam while majoring communication management at Inholland University. After going through a number of jobs such as party promoter, literary agent and teaching filmmaking to dropout children and running a one man production, Min-Chul is now living and loving his life as a nomadic independent producer often seen in several places such as Seoul, Taipei, Amsterdam and Belgrade.

MOTOSOUL / Feature length doc / 52" / 90" (IN DEVELOPEMENT) Producer 2012
STATE OF PLAY / Feature length doc / 75" / 52" (IN PRODUCTION) Co-producer 2012

2012 9 MUSES OF STAR EMPIRE/ Feature length doc / 52’ / 82’ Producer
2012 CAPTAIN KANG / Feature length doc / 80" Producer
2011 PLANET OF SNAIL / Feature length documentary /52" / 83" Producer
2009 IRON CROWS / Feature length documentary / 52" / 93" Producer


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