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MIND OF GOD = heavy, beat-driven, ambient dub/industrial/minimal musick.

I've been listening to heavy music in one form or another for as long as I can remember. My older brother turned me on to Kiss, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, etc., when I was about three years old. At the age of twelve, I got my first guitar & started the death metal band Apostasy a few years later. We recorded a well-received demo & played several live shows with other local friends' bands such as Soilent Green, Flesh Parade, Paralysis, & Mule Skinner. Apostasy eventually broke up, but my love of music has never faded. I still play & write on guitar, but I've always loved the darker side of electronic music, too. The heavy dub of acts like Scorn & Coil persistently intrigued me, & I found the sounds & visuals of experimental industrial artists (SPK, Swans, Dissecting Table, Nocturnal Emissions, etc.) to be awe-inspiring. So, in late February of 2013, I decided to start something of my own.....Mind of God. I've been steadily at it since then. Five albums have been released (a mini LP, three EPs, & a full-length LP), with another in the works. Eleven MOG videos have been created so far; they can be seen on YouTube & Vimeo. Two collaboration tracks have also been completed - one with the dark noise artist Phantasm Nocturnes, & the other with experimental avant-garde mastermind Kenji Siratori. Another collaboration track is also in-the-making with someone who many of you know & love; stay tuned. All of you are invited to come along on this ride with me; you just might enjoy it - I know I do. - Jason A. Pizzolato

Some of the reception that I've gotten thus far:

"Nice stuff! Not often do you hear metal dudes with an electronic music sensibility.....I dig it." - Tristan Shone (AUTHOR & PUNISHER)

"Mind of God has things working.....onto something VERY cool." - Josh Eustis (NINE INCH NAILS/PUSCIFER/TELEFON TEL AVIV)

"Sound is good!" - Kenji Siratori

"F*cking love it.....well done." - Paul Gillis (DRUG HONKEY/KLLU/MORGUE SUPPLIER)

"Nice sounds, very crunchy!" - John Everall (TACTILE)

"I think it's killer.....minimal, weird, & beat heavy....what more do you need? And the Mind of God video stuff is great.. sick footage..!" - Mike IX Williams (EYEHATEGOD/CORRECTIONS HOUSE/ARSON ANTHEM/THE GUILT 0F...)

"I dig the Mind of God stuff.....looking forward to hearing more!" - Tannon Penland (LOINCLOTH/GAUCHISTE)

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