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    Non-Profits & Charities

    by Mind Over Media

    3 Videos

    In addition to Mind Over Media's work in the corporate and higher-education spaces, we have significant experience serving the unique needs of non-profit and charitable clients.

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    MOM Knows Business

    by Mind Over Media

    44 Videos

    Problem-solving is our business, and no one is better at delivering efficient and effective messaging to corporate leaders than Mind Over Media. Clients like Alcoa, Bayer, Lockheed Martin, PNC Bank,…

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    MOM Knows EDU

    by Mind Over Media

    59 Videos

    For nearly 30 years, Mind Over Media has been a Trusted Partner to over 80 higher education institutions across the country. With a broad resume of custom video projects developed to enhance marketing,…

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    MOM Knows Sports

    by Mind Over Media

    58 Videos

    No one understands and better communicates the passion of collegiate athletics like Mind Over Media. With clients like the Penn State Nittany Lions, Duke University Blue Devils, University of Dayton…

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    by Mind Over Media

    40 Videos

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