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Miniboxoffice is the India’s only independent short films marketing, promotion, distribution & film festival organizing company. The company aims to promote short cinema across the India & world and realizing short filmmaking as commercial enterprise especially in India. Since 2010 Miniboxoffice is in business & promoting short films, animations & documentaries across all platforms. The company genuinely involves in creating revenue generation model for filmmakers through traditional & online resources.

Within the span of two-three years Miniboxoffice has earn reputation among filmmakers fraternity as more than 1800 films has participated in just last one year in our film festivals from leading institutions, production houses & independent filmmakers. Now brand Miniboxoffice is well known in industry & it helps extensively our young & aspiring participant filmmakers in getting recognition.

We are the only company in India which runs for cinema aspirants. We are showcasing professionally made short films on our channel & helping the content to reach target viewers. Our tag line is Short Films | Big Entertainment with the commitment of short film development. For us short films are the next big thing in entertainment sector. We have a highly dedicated team of professionals & advisors comprising people form cinema, media & corporate world.

For the details of our film festivals, contest & other products kindly check the website


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