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  1. underground video artists

    by Avant Reguard joined

    647 Videos 185 Members

    experimental film, video and sound artists work with a moderated focus on avant garde qualities(january 22/2014)

  2. Film Independent (FIND)

    by Film Independent joined

    2,549 Videos 760 Members

    At Film Independent our mission is to champion the cause of independent film and support a community of artists who embody diversity, innovation, and uniqueness of vision. We achieve this by…


    by Spencer Keeton Cunningham joined

    5,083 Videos 2,300 Members

    Greetings to all independent documentary film makers. Thank you for adding your documentary films to this channel and making it one of the most comprehensive independent documentary film sources on…

  4. Unheard, Untamed and Underground

    by Donte G.Player joined

    20 Videos 7 Members

    A place where underground DIY style videographers come to strut their stuff.

  5. Nobudgetfilms

    by Video Direkt joined

    355 Videos 122 Members

    Doesn´t necessarily mean films made for no money. It´s more a question of attitude. Underground and rougher amateurfilms with an edge. Originality, odd characters and a sense of something…

  6. Village Underground

    by Village Underground joined

    48 Videos 3 Members

    A collection of videos and films made at Village Underground UK.

  7. Underground Enlightenment

    by U-Lit Records joined

    57 Videos 25 Members

    This group features underground music in many genres. http://www.u-lit.com

  8. Underground

    by MADMOIZEL joined

    4 Videos 4 Members

    Lives and Videos about Underground Movement

  9. Unleash the Creativity!

    by jessenpetty joined

    1,414 Videos 486 Members

    Here at Unleashed you will be able to view or talk about anything in the Entertainment Field of 3D or 2D animation. Inspirational cinemaphotography, short films and Ads that can bring creativity…

  10. Digital Art

    by Matthew West joined

    1,788 Videos 414 Members

    This group will focus on art that stems from digital technology, which has transformed traditional activities such as painting, drawing and sculpture, and has given birth to new forms, such as net…

  11. Ideas and Inspiration

    by jmarkley joined

    1,027 Videos 815 Members

    "We don't know who we are until we see what we can do." Quote - Martha Grimes

  12. International Experimental Film Group

    by Mason Shefa joined

    3,695 Videos 1,218 Members

    A group for experimental filmmakers to get together and share from all parts of the world. This group is connected to the Experimental Film Discussion Group on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_178216555569455&ap=1 This…

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