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Introducing the Ministers Of Beauty Roadshow 2014

MOB is a movement, a collaboration of women who inspire and compliment each other’s uniqueness. Transforming insecurities into opportunities, ideas into careers and blemishes into beauty spots!

There are many ways to be MOBBED; inside out makeovers incorporating health, style, fashion, beauty and business. Whether you’re invited to attend one of our exclusive seminars or listen to our radio pod cast, there is a path for every woman.

MOB is a celebration with YOU at the center. Women affirming and inspiring one another to greatness...
Where our outer beauty will reflect the strong, positive image that lives on the inside.

Who needs the MOB? The answer is, all of us!

The Ministers of Beauty

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  1. Love the video Kem!! I hope that people can really tap into and receive the message you're giving.