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Five hardcore kids from the underground hardcore scene playing melodic songs with lyrics about politics, PMA, skating, bodyboarding, Cro-Mags and Side By Side. Add to the mix a big dose of DIY ethic, some teenage angst and maybe a little bit of gipsy lifestyle. Minority Of One comes from Andalusia (South Spain) the land of flamenco, 10 miles away from Africa, in the very south of Western Europe.

Although the story of the band started in 2011, the background of these Andalusians began years before with a youth crew hardcore band called Truth Through Fight with whom all the current members released a bunch of records and managed to tour several times through America and Europe for almost ten years. After releasing a demo in a 12” vinyl, Minority Of One began to play actively around the Spanish State taking part in many hardcore punk shows and fests. 2013 was the year where

the band decided to work hard in the rehearsal room and then to record an LP.
Just 16 songs were finally recorded and then they were sent to the U.S. to be mixed by Brian McTernan at Salad Days Studio in Baltimore (MD). In 2014 Minority Of One is releasing “Glory Days” LP both in vinyl (In My Heart Records, La Agonía de Vivir) and digital and becoming a full time band planning tours through all the European continent, Latin America and the US!

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