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Minplex comes forward as an organization of artists that don’t identify themselves with the current conception of cultural event, where promotion is made by external entities, in a kind of outsourcing of intelectual property.

We believe that within the artistic creation there is room for exchange of skills, where each one fits in a strand of the event itself, therefore always present an existing use of all personal potentialities, which are encompassed in one collective.

This collective will be able, in addition to publicizing, to provide a privileged environment for the presentation of new ideas, both logistically and artistically.

Yet, our scope is not limited to organizing and promoting events for a group of artists. We aim to cover all the creations that can identify as a multidisciplinary activity with innovative ideas, even though not having its genesis in the core of the organization.

For that purpose, a publisher label will be created, to support the launching of new works, for both musical and plastic arts, as well as other activities deemed relevant.

Accordingly, we will establish agreements with other entities, whether these are local evening leisure sites or promoting/publishing labels.
General information:

- Graphic design (flyers, posters, billboards)
- Events planning and production
- Web Design and Multimedia
- Art promoting (arts, music)
- Photography
- Audiovisual installations
- Vjing (video-art)

Minplex, Evolving art forms.

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