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Mintamatics is a creation of Shaun Leyden, a born and bred kiwi from Auckland. I am an Arnhem based freelance Lighting-Cameraman-Editor (Final Cut Pro and Adobe) and graduate of South Seas Film School in Auckland, New Zealand. I have been following my passion as a career for more than 15 years and it has taken me around the world to places I have felt privileged to have seen.

What Mintamatics is about?
Light, composition and imagination. Due to a wealth of knowledge in all departments of TV and Film production, all digital cameras and Lighting I’m always keen to explore different approaches to telling a story.

Open minded, creative and loads of energy and enthusiasm, I’m known for thinking out of the box and working efficiently. Together with other creative individuals/production companies worldwide, I strive for unique, high quality productions.

How does Mintamatics work?
In the Netherlands or abroad, last minute or a long term productions, my approach is always flexible, personal, and reliable. Collaboration is one of the cores of creativity!

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