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The search of a place of the mind where opposites are silent and silence takes shape, light and matter. Shades, fleeting borders and pauses, first of all. The waiting that leaves room for the viewer, the opening to the process, the listening to what is happening. The incoherence of what is happening. Working by subtraction.
minus.log  (Giustino Di Gregorio – Manuela Cappucci)
Giustino works since the ‘90s as composer (Sprut, 1999, Tzadik records), videomaker and audiovisual artist (Memorie - Memories 4.0, 2011; Trapped Light, 2012). Manuela comes from the informal painting (Istantanee di mondi possibili - Snapshots of possible worlds, 2011; Omaggio a Jack Kerouac - Homage to Jack Kerouak, 2012). They began to work together on the integration of light and matter in Menhir (site-specific audiovisual installation, 2012) and on the project of audiovisual installations Oblivion (2013). These teamworks are the background for the birth in 2013 of the group minus.log.

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