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Watching the heavy sound clouds passing threw this sky satured by of all sort of network, commendable or not, you'll probably notify different behaviours, blending one-day-stars with geek-freak-tweet-clic-hip-chic and lost-teenagers-in-search-of-an-artistic-revelation... Miqi O. is a solid Do It Yourself artist, touching everything around music (Acoustic projects, scores, theater, dance, radio, djing, booking, artwork,...) since some couple of years now. After exploring the Boom-Bap world in golden hip-hop era of the early 90's as a recognized emcee, he's been involved into beatmaking on the classic MPC 2000XL since 1998. In 2002 wonky-hop was yet familiar for him, and he was already experimenting live tricks on MPC with his former homeboys of Electrons Libres 1st version (Zo aka La Chauve-souris and Medline). Makin it raised with Zo until an artistic achievement with « Straight Outta Bestown » LP, lead him to develop his growing personality and chirurgical idea of music in a solo project. Between 2010 and 2012 Miqi O. released a singled out series of 5 Eps titled UNTOLD with a beautiful collective artwork featuring strong visual artists that identified his hunger for diggin an heavy beat and make it go every where it's possible. Underground radios and blogs has supported his effort, like some of the main artists of this scene, as it appears in all the remixes he was asked for and the participants on the list of the Untold series remixes Lp. His apparitions on stage has been noticeable too. Beat BBQ, Ritmo Kovos/Finest Ego battle at Satta Outside 2011, and his work inside the pluridisciplinary Project O. (dance/performance/music) were some good occasion to see his incredible way of rockin midi controllers. Now he's working on new Ep's and brainstorming on another level of his practice : building an independant label able to fit to his eccentric ideas.

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