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I'm a freelance creative / producer / project manager type who makes multimedia stuff (film, web, digital experiential, corporate).

I run an ethically-led communications and production project called The Gardeners; we recently made a set of viral films to tackle stigma toward mental illness in the local community for Cheltenham Strategic Partnership.
You can see these here and I'd love to hear what you think...?
Also see gardenersmedia.com
Do contact me if you would like to ARRANGE YOUR OWN COMMUNITY SCREENING at miranda@gardenersmedia.com

Aside from multimedia I have also managed a raft of projects from network development, web design & build, pitching, account management, internal comm's presentations, events, experiences and all round multi-platform communications to more alternative pursuits of workshop facillitating, office relocations, creative concept development, fashion design and copy-writing...

I am looking for collaborations, project work or freelance whatever...open to ideas, cool with dogs, kids, robots, the future...

Broadcast freelancer profile: broadcastfreelancer.com/profile/43196/

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