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    by Mahmoud Ahmed joined

    611 Videos / 1,573 Members

    A Group which gathers creatives from the whole world who had the experience of doing a TV channel brand.

  2. 3d Mapping Projection / Architecture & Object Projections

    by palnoise joined

    1,747 Videos / 827 Members

  3. 3dsmax.users

    by Henrique Melo joined

    1,611 Videos / 601 Members

    This group is for all 3ds Max artists.

  4. Krakatoa Love

    by Ian Clemmer joined

    686 Videos / 867 Members

    Do you love Krakatoa? Thinkbox Software's particle rendering software, capable of handling billions of particleS? This is the group for you, throw anything in made with this software, experiments,…

  5. CG . exp.

    by goaj joined

    3,424 Videos / 1,328 Members

    group for free thinking, open minded, experimental, abstract, Dada and not so common stuff out of the machine, focused on the exploration of digital aesthetics.

  6. Projection Mapping

    by Joseph Gray joined

    3,471 Videos / 1,908 Members

    The more recent art of using projected generative imagery to augment the surfaces of real world volumetric forms.

  7. experimental and unusual

    by Neil Cross joined

    20.3K Videos / 4,938 Members

  8. Creative Advertising

    by Angel Apostolski joined

    728 Videos / 6,309 Members

    Only real & cool TV ads! A group where people working in the advertising industry can show their talents and creativity, not promoting the brands.

  9. Experimental Video Art

    by Adrian Salinas joined

    31.6K Videos / 8,635 Members

    The best Experimental Video Art Vimeo has to offer. El mejor Video Arte Experimental que vimeo puede ofrecer.

  10. Animation

    by Aziz Kocanaogullari joined

    74.5K Videos / 23K Members

  11. Short Animation

    by Alexander Blagochevsky joined

    29.9K Videos / 9,990 Members

    All sorts of short animation.

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