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Mireia Pujol
Contact: info@mireiapujol.com

After getting her BSC in Audiovisual Communication and her Graduate in Film Direction at the NYFA in New York in 2006, Mireia Pujol started her career in fiction.

Soon she directed two short films: “Wedding of Heroes” (included in the feature film “Caótica Ana” by Julio Medem) and “Quédate” (selected by the prestigious International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand).

During this period, she worked in several spanish films getting close to important directors like José Luis Cuerda. Those years of experience and training in the world of cinema drove her to become a director in commercials and other formats.

With a strong cinematographic flavour, we see in her work the desire to explore and feel. Her work shows the importance of details and her willingness for risk. We can notice that her carefully constructed characters tell their own story with a tiny gesture, scaling up to a climax assembled by details that are full of beauty. She has worked for Audi, Coca Cola, Dewars White Label, Vodafone, Brugal, Once, Mapfre, El Corte Ingles, Sitges Film Festival, etc.

Her creative universe has seduced in some festivals like El Ojo de Iberoamérica, Cíclope Awards and CdeC. She has recently directed a short documentary film called “Diary of Hunger” that has been selected by the prestigious International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam (IDFA 2014).

Awards: Best Spanish Director (Festival Internacional El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2014) / Bronze Best Direction New Formats for “Diary of Hunger” (Festival Internacional El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2014) / Bronze Best Direction for “Ron Brugal” (CdeC Festival 2011) / Bronze Best New Talent ( Cíclope 2010 -International Advertising Craft Festival)


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