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Miriam Welk (*1983) graduated with the Bachlor of dance in education at the CODARTS - Hogeschool voor muziek en dans, Rotterdam in 2005. She's studying at Palucca Schule Dresden - Hochschule für Tanz (MA choreography 2012). She is collaborating as a dancer, choreographer and dancefilm maker with different artists like Meyrick Kaminski (project: treasure factory vimeo.com/treasurefactory), Max Kirstein, Irene Schröder, Héctor Solari, Stephanie Krah, Zohar Ren Karni, Cindy Hammer, Andreas Steffen, Clara Grözinger, Moss Beynon Juckes and Shuah Brotherton. Her artistic interest lies in the experimental and interdisciplinary research.

Miriam Welk is initiator and a member of the young group of artists "wilde pferde", who adress questions about (body-)dressage, (human-)breeding, educational systems and the hope for enlightenment.

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