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Miri is from Beijing and she is currently a graduate student from the Academy of Art University.

Miri, as an art director, a very confident with her creative ideas and visual art. Whether in front of the easel, crafting table or a laptop, working with brushes, canvas, or pixels, Miri pours herself into every creation — sculpting solutions, sketching messages, and weaving brain and beauty into unique works of art.

Then there's Zhizhi. Zhizhi a backpacker, hiker, and coffee lover. Whether on her way to explore a new area, taking a long hike, or handcrafting a warm and fresh coffee for you and her, Zhizhi will always have a sketchbook and pen in her hands.

Miri dropped her Chinese name when she came to America. She thought that a Chinese name has no meaning without the character symbols. Though she's more than willing to share what her Chinese name looks like and its meaning with anyone. Chances are, you'll notice Zhizhi first. Be on the lookout for Miri.

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