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Mirrorman Music is a music production company compromising of a team of 3: rapper/songwriter/film maker El Flaco, rapper/producer/songwriter Zee Zee, , [both based in the UK] and producer/ songwriter Soji Oyinsan [based in Canada]) who all decided to come under one umbrella in a bid to make their mark on the music world. Far from a group or an act, MM is the result of 3 individual talents recognising the strength of the collective and acting on that strength. MirrorMan Entertainment the company was registered in the summer of 2010 and since then have built and solidified their online presence with songs like Zee Zee's "Up Nepa" & "Number 1 Stunna"; El Flaco's "Go Flaco" & "Samurai Shampoo, amongst others. They have since worked with a wide range of artists; earning co signs from artists like elDee & Show Dem Camp along the way. #MMMusic plan to take Nigerian music/culture to the mainstream world in a way that is unprecedented; oscillating between Pidgin trap-rap & Neo-Soul/traditional hip hop, and everything in between. Their first release, El Flaco's "The Samurai Series Volume One: VII" is slated for an online release this September.

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