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San Francisco, CA

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Mischa Hedges is an independent filmmaker that has produced award-winning documentaries, PSAs and news coverage. His passion lies in creating documentaries and media that raise awareness of environmental and social issues.

In the fall of 2007 Mischa directed a film for the Elevate Film Festival called Legacy of Love, which documents a terminal cancer patient’s preparations for the end of his life. Legacy of Love was selected by an audience of 3000 as “Best Documentary” at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood.

Mischa produced, directed and edited Sustainable Table: what’s on your plate?, an award-winning feature documentary about America’s agricultural industry and food system. Sustainable Table has screened at over 18 film festivals nationwide, and has a wide following in the form of grassroots screenings, magazine reviews and presentations.

Mischa is known for his creativity, storytelling ability, technical skills and professional attitude. He has a wealth of experience producing documentaries, reality tv, concert video, corporate and commercial work.

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