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Rwanda, Germany, Finland

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Rwanda, the land of the thousand hills is the birthplace of MC/Producer Mishoo the Drumkit who is releasing his first EP as a solo artist these days.

“Born in the Land of a Thousand Hills”, as the title of his new EP reads, is very much a documentary of the path Mishoo the Drumkit has traveled as an artist and a person as he mostly draws from his own life experiences, incorporating his growing up in both Africa and Europe, his travels or people close to him in his music. “Born in the Land of a Thousand Hills” features an array of young artists that crossed Mishoo’s path over the years, such as producers Comfort Fit, Portformat, Hubert Daviz, Elaquent, Duktus, Swede:art, Drumatic, and MCs/vocalists Dutchmassive, Mr. Nnaji and Shuanise with DJs Madsen and Mawdee contributing cuts and scratches. The sound is truly soulful, yet with an often electronic approach inspired by the distinct Detroit sound of producers like J Dilla and Karriem Riggins; …however every track has a certain abstract twist to it while never forgetting its hiphop roots – Mishoo calls it ‘electro soul’.

“Born in the Land of a Thousand Hills” is available via mishoothedrumkit.com

written by Holger Jenss

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