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As a former educator, I originally developed the curriculum for my first son because I wanted to offer him a learning opportunity on par with other countries that exceed the US in academics. In order to forge a relationship between educators and parents, I created a school and home version.

Here are some additional features to

Price is $10 per student per year… that includes: Access from both home and school, training via a webinar, and reports via email to administrators, teachers, and parents about not only what a child has completed, but how well they did on their tasks. There is also a student “report card” that is easily understandable so that the child can also see where their strengths lie.

Miss Humblebee's Academy is like the “Tom’s” of computer activities… for every unit sold, we donate one to a needy child…

My website address is if you have time please take a look at the site and the curriculum.

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  1. Cute video and I love the Miss Humblebee Welcome Song!
  2. Great tool to help guide you through (online kindergarten preparatory program).