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Rob Pene is the owner and CEO of Mission Driven Brand, LLC, a new media & social media marketing company. Rob has helped numerous companies succeed in utilizing online tools to build their business, from Sports Agencies to start up churches. He has over 10 years of combined marketing, teaching, and coaching experience and takes pride in the service of others.

Armed with an innovative mind, Rob has an unmatched passion to see others succeed. With a graduate degree from Azusa Pacific University, a resume boasting of international business relations and a servant leadership perspective, Rob desires to assist in the success of likeminded, community oriented organizations and individuals.
His business approach makes new media marketing, entrepreneurship, and mission driven initiatives manageable, effective, and affordable.

Rob grew up in American Samoa. He is a former professional baseball player, an All-American scholar-athlete (MI), a Samoan chief in his family clan, an entrepreneur, had previously traveled the country performing & speaking as a Youth and Young adult minister and was featured in the PBS documentary special “The Calling”. He has 6 years of experience teaching in the public school system and has a burning desire for servant leadership. He lives in the Los Angeles area (SouthBay) with his wife, baby daughter, and 2 cats, Pumpkin & Jeter (yes, that’s after Derek Jeter!).

Something few people know about Rob is that he has traveled to over 50 countries in the world and once drove from Bonn, Germany to Milan, Italy in 26 hours, reaching their destination safely, AND did it with NO map and NO nap!

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