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  1. North Carolina Videographers

    by Jeremy Person

    630 Videos / 101 Members

    A place for North Carolina Videographers to show off their work, and network for future jobs alike.

  2. untold.docs

    by Omar Khalifa

    521 Videos / 364 Members

    This group is a pool of short and long form documentaries, social and politically-minded stories, trailers and audio slideshows. 'untold.docs' aims to promote important unheard stories,…

  3. Sport/Workout/Fitness

    by James Tallen

    472 Videos / 216 Members

    A group created to show off all sports, inspire working out and over all fitness

  4. Sport

    by elura

    396 Videos / 84 Members

  5. Basketball

    by UrsOnMac

    393 Videos / 113 Members

    Hello everybody Join this group for Basketball videos you did by yourself. No comercials, no tv highlight and so on, just what had seen your video camera. Thanx Urs

  6. wildland

    by Core

    358 Videos / 196 Members

    wild nature hd anyone can join this group and upload videos.. most important they should be as natural as possible.I mean, nature must be shown in her natural aspect. Zoo's or else are not…

  7. Wildlife Conservation

    by Benjamin

    309 Videos / 204 Members

    This is a group dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and media which surrounds it.

  8. North Carolina Shooters

    by GREECHes

    290 Videos / 38 Members

    Indy/Pro/Enthusiasts! Share your flims here! DVX100 HVX200 5D Mark II HF200 7D T2i EX1 etc...

  9. Life. Nature. You. Make the connection.

    by WWF

    280 Videos / 1,340 Members

    :: WINNERS ANNOUNCED! :: The winners have been announced at the CMS Vatavaran film festival, and they are: :: The jury prize :: The winner of the jury’s prize is “The Runner”…

  10. 110%

    by ABC Open

    274 Videos / 235 Members

    This video project captures the passion of people who give 110% to their sport. They might be local skateboarding legend, an 80 year old mountain biker, an obsessive marathon runner, or the cricket…

  11. Basketball

    by HCorecaminhos

    230 Videos / 51 Members

  12. Access 21 - Charlotte, NC

    by James Rossi

    228 Videos / 66 Members

    Programming by producers on Charlotte's public access channel, Access 21. Access 21 is the public access channel in the Charlotte Mecklenburg area in North Carolina. Programming on this…

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