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born off the streets of NYC but livin in jewett city might not be the funnist but makin the best out of it and doin all of those cool rad skate manuvers and stuff havin a good time, hangin out with friends makin everyday worthwhile.u would probably figure when u first see me u wont understand me cause i mumble a lot and like to talk about random stuff all the good stuff might think im wierd but its all good i like thinking different :)


  1. Buster O'Shea
  2. jackson casey
  3. TJ Gaskill
  4. rare
  5. david cronin
  6. etnies
  7. Brian Swope
  8. josiah gatlyn
  9. Peppered Penguins
  10. Ethan Giorgetti
  11. worship skateboards
  12. jordan vieira
  13. heon j

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