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MJÖLNIR - STRAIGHT BLAST GYM ICELAND is not merely a sport club, fitness center or a school of self-defence. MJÖLNIR is all that and so much more. We are a fellowship of people that likes to train the sport of fighting of heart and soul and we are determined to enjoy life and what we are doing.

We create among ourselves a fun, safe and friendly environment for all those that like to study self-defend, like to train competitively or just wants to enjoy their fitness training and be a part of a good group of people.

At MJÖLNIR all are equal and MJÖLNIR is first and foremost an open-minded and „alive“ gym. We are not concerned with what was, but with what works. As a result, you’ll find our curriculum is very stream-lined and practical. We don’t waste time on ineffective techniques or out-dated training methods. There is simply too much to do and too little time. Life is far too beautiful to spend it on valueless things.

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