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Mladen Djankovic says he might be the most creative person that’s ever lived (crazy thing is, sometimes I think he just might be). He has more than 10 years of experience building global brands and guiding top-tier companies. An accomplished corporate strategist and marketer, his vision and expertise in business performance have driven notable enterprise growth in the retail, luxury, and general consumer sectors. He has been interviewed on The Today Show, CNBC, E! News, NBC, FOX, ABC, and CBS. His achievements have been featured in Robb Report, The Wall Street Journal, In-Style Magazine, New York Magazine, The New York Post, People, and Us Weekly.

His background is an impressive mix of all major marketing arenas: general advertising, direct marketing, experiential marketing, and event model management. In various executive positions throughout his career, Mladen has built a roster of clients including: MTV, Abercrombie, The Apprentice, Capcom, The Container Store, Godiva, Citi, and AT&T. His entrepreneurial spirit (he hates that phrase) and strategic approach to building brands shined brightest when Mladen concepted a national anti-violence against women’s campaign that secured participation from A-listers including KellyRipa, Lindsay Lohan, Carmen Electra, Denise Richards, Hilary Duff, Gabrielle Union, and Jaime Pressly, among others (if he tells you they're on speed-dial, he’s simply lying to your face)

Method Models, Mladen says, is not only a culmination of everything he's learned in marketing; he claims it’s what he “was born to do.” (as you can see, he just can’t help being a marketer).

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