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  6. 03:13

    Prospective Student Seminar January 3-4, 2013

    by Meadville Lombard

    7 Videos

    Join us for a Prospective Student Seminar where you'll learn about what Meadville Lombard has to offer. You'll participate in a discernment session led by our ordained faculty to help you…

  7. 05:35

    Prospective Student Seminar January 2014

    by Meadville Lombard

    6 Videos

    Join us for the Prospective Student Seminar January 9-10, 2014 in Chicago. This event is in conjunction with our annual January Learning Convocation where the entire Meadville Lombard learning community…

  8. 12:22

    Prospective Student Videos

    by Meadville Lombard

    13 Videos

    These are the videos that should be helpful for prospective students who would like to learn more about our program, school, and current students. Contact Assistant Director for Recruitment | Justine…

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